Ikonic Entertainment Group Makes Major Headwinds on Business Development in China

TCG Press Release

October 1, 2012

SHANGHAI - Transworld Capital Group (TCG) is pleased to announce that Ikonic Entertainment Group Ltd., a TCG portfolio company, has made significant strides over the past several months in its efforts to become one of the dominant theme entertainment development companies in China. Ikonic, a 50/50 joint venture with Landmark Entertainment Group, was developed specifically to target the growing Chinese market for high-quality themed entertainment, educational and cultural attractions.

Ikonic has delivered the final concept design presentation for the Kung Fu Theme Park, a project which has garnered major domestic Chinese and international media attention. The presentation was made to the Taichi Lake Group, a major travel and tourism development company in the Wudang Mountains region of Hubei province.

Furthermore, on September 17, 2012, construction of the Kung Fu Theme Park officially began. Numerous VIPs attended the ceremony, including Mickey Kantor, former US Secretary of Commerce and Trade Representative and Zhou Ji, Party Secretary of Shiyan City, Hubei Province.

Daoist master, Mickey Kantor and Jack Chen, CEO of Transworld Capital Group

Ikonic has also confirmed the establishment of a new office in Beijing. An MOU was reached with the Chaoyang District Government and was formally signed at the 2012 Beijing Central Business District (CBD) Business Festival on 15th September. From the new Beijing office, Ikonic plans to aggressively target new themed entertainment design and development opportunities, build partnerships with local creative industry players, and position itself as a truly global design and development firm with strong capabilities in both Hollywood and China.

About Ikonic Entertainment Group
Ikonic is a new company formed in Los Angeles to provide the very best total project turnkey services to the entertainment real estate business in China. The company is the brainchild of Tony Christopher, the Founder & CEO of the Landmark Entertainment Group and Jack Chen, a Chinese American businessman and Founder & CEO of Transworld Capital Group (TCG) a financial advisory and investment firm specializing in cross-border business development and transaction management in China. Together the new company has the ability to design, build, finance, manage and turn over development of entertainment real-estate projects targeting China, the number one country in the world today in new land development.

Through its association with Landmark, Ikonic utilizes the very top talent in the world today. Considered the third best theme park design company after Disney and Universal, Landmark has a proven track record of award winning projects with Universal as its main client and projects such as the Spiderman Dark Ride, T2/3D, a live action 4D theater, Star Trek, an amazing simulator attraction, and Jurassic park to name a few of its best completed projects. Additionally, Ikonic has worked with and can bring in organizations such as Six Flags, Busch Gardens and Management Resources, each of which can provide high level operation services.

About Transworld Capital Group
Transworld Capital Group is a financial advisory and investment firm specializing in cross border transactions between the Western World and Greater China. The company advises both on M&A and capital-raising transactions as well as partnerships to help businesses access the China market. More information can be found at