Our Team

Guanping Feng, PhD

Senior Advisor

Dr. Guanping Feng, a renowned angel and venture capital investor, is President of the Research Institute of Tsinghua University in Shenzhen (RITS) and Chairman of Shenzhen Leaguer Venture Capital. He is widely respected in China for technology incubation, having twice won the prestigious “China Venture Capital Industry Pioneer Award” as founder of Shenzhen Tsinghua Venture Capital, an affiliate of RITS.

RITS has developed rapidly under Dr. Feng's leadership since its founding in 1995, with Tsinghua VC's total assets having grown from RMB 80 million to 10 billion. Over this time, nearly 200 patent applications have been filed and more than 150 scientific research projects have been successfully commercialized. Additionally, several high-tech start-ups incubated by RITS have grown into public companies, including TOPOWER (3326), H&T (002402), and Leaguer Stock (000532).

Dr. Feng has been invited by several Chinese cities to help build local science and technology parks, through which he has expanded his incubation business. These include Tsinghua High-Tech Park, Zhuhai Tsinghua Science and Technology Park, and Jiangsu Digital Information Park.

Dr. Feng graduated from the Department of Precision Instruments of Tsinghua University in 1970, where he stayed on as a faculty member doing teaching and research in the area of sensor technology. He holds 22 patents, and since 1986, he has published more than 60 academic articles in China and abroad, winning three China National Invention Awards and one Geneva International Invention Silver Medal. He currently serves as an assistant to the President of Tsinghua University and his work has received prestigious recognition by China’s State Council.